Erin Interviews Janelle Jones

4 Reasons your Business needs a SOLID marketing strategy

Marketing is for many of us balled up with sales.  But here’s the cold hard truth…  you won’t have ANY sales if you don’t have a marketing strategy AND a good marketing strategist to assist you along the way!  And if there’s any confusion…  marketing isn’t how pretty your graphics look (that’s branding!) or whether all your links are working (that’s tech!)  Marketing Strategy is on purpose clarity on finding your target market and speaking right to them!  There are SO many reasons you need a solid marketing strategy and we are going to talk about 4 of them TODAY so grab a notepad hang on!

While on a business retreat in Bali, Janelle strategized with strangers to create Hustling Hotties, a platform dedicated to finding side hustle solutions for single moms. The platform helps to navigate life, sets them up to not settle for less, shows them how to travel the world, and prepares them to go from breakdown to breakthrough. Once she made $10K in 14 days, she felt compelled to extend her efforts to entrepreneurs. Janelle holds a Master’s in Digital Marketing from Full Sail University, which has aided in her ability and formula to successfully help entrepreneurs through her agency, Honey & Jade for marketing strategy and consulting.  


:07 Masters Degree in Marketing for over 10 years
:08 What is Marketing exactly?
:09 How to attract your ideal, “heart based” client

:12 Start with a marketing Audit

:15 The end Goal — to SCALE

:21 What is strong Marketing and how to simplify the effort

:24 Hold space for your clients and why that is important

:26 Janelle’s 90 minute workshop giving you 30 days of marketing strategy


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