Erin Interviews Elizabeth Pampalone

6 Months of Social Media in ONE Day 

In the ever-growing sea of platforms and online businesses…  the question still exists – Why do I need social media … Seems like a waste of time.  And then how do I keep up with it when it changes so fast and what do I write….  and the ever looming issue of time to be on SM.  How is it all balanced?

Join me as I talk with the ONLINE expert and grab her tips to efficiently run your business AND keep up with the ever-changing and demanding space of Social Media!

Take a listen!

6:55   Social Media is only PART of marketing not all of it!
9:30   Are you on ALL the SM platforms?
13:31 Use SM for what you are already doing!  Don’t stay in the box!
15:50 ½ life of FB posts is only 30 minutes…  now what?
17:17 What to Write; Batches and Sales Posts
20:19 Consistency is KEY!

Favorite Quote:  “Intentional, Consistency, Recycle”
Favorite SM Posting Platform and many other Tools:
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