Erin Interviews Regena Ozeryansky

Accessing Internal Peace for lasting fulfillment

At times like these INTERNAL PEACE is more important than ever.  Figuring out how to source and achieve that is another story!  Most of us – often … if not always…  feel as if we are stuck or frankly in quicksand of life wishing we had some tools, a resource and results that stick!  Stick around as I chat with this Internal Peace Revolutionist and grab some of her tools to creating sustainable inner peace.
Take a Listen!
6:53     When storm rages
7:36     No such thing as WHEN – it’s NOW
8:12     Comparitis
11:32   Start where you’re at!
13:12   Successful people don’t have to struggle!
15:30   Do the weeding and let it go
17:32   We need cheerleaders!
20:01   Create your own well of love and peace
24:00   Ho’oponopono
27:08   How do we love our self

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