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You Know there is so much potential in online business…

My signature 1:1 customizable coaching is by far my most popular and is geared towards the savvy foot forward get out of my way lady who’s ready to get some stuff done!  This coaching package holds nothing back and gives you a clear, solid foundation to build on, starting you out strong and completely leaving nothing in the structure of your business untouched.  I will push you, I will not let you quit and I will be in your corner cheering you on celebrating all the way with you!  I believe in you and I know together we can elevate your magic within!

Have you spent hundreds of dollars taking classes and programs and still haven’t implemented?

Are you still trying to figure out where to begin? Where to find your soulmate perfect clients?

Do you feel like you’re losing money because you have an amazing service or program and don’t know how to get it out there?

I’ve been there …  like just one more program or one more skill set will plug the hole and give me the answers i need to go forward and put all the pieces together.

But the problem is you’re missing the action step on how to put the pieces together.  That little, but uber important part in the middle – the strategy and clear plan of how to implement your amazingness!

“Every great accomplishment was believed to be impossible at one time…”

– Unknown

Sprint In Your Heels 8 Week 1:1 Coaching

My completely customizable 2 month coaching program will meet you where you are.

Here’s what it includes:

  • Initial 90 Minute Deep Dive Intensive
  • 45 Minute calls  Weekly  (total of 8 calls)
  • Unlimited support via WhatsApp
  • Homework and exercises
  • Unlimited review of materials
  • Unlimited access to my resources
  • 1 – 20 minute emergency laser call
  • 1 BIG Goal Accomplished
  • Massive Ah-Ha’s and new thought patterns
What  will  we  cover?
Discovering what you really want at your cellular level

Understanding why you want it

Developing a clear path to achieve what you want

Create consistency within an action plan to stay on your path

Celebrate achievements and progress

Constant resetting of goals


Eliminate old thought patterns




Money Matters

Proper Positioning

"Today is not just another day.

It’s a new opportunity, another chance, a new beginning. Embrace it."
-Kusha & Wisdom
Why Work With Me?
I have a unique way of “seeing” you, your strengths and where you excel!
My super spidy sense of knowing how to align you with your offer is my gift and it comes easily.  The strategies and ease of formulating programs thrills me and makes my heart sing and gets my cells snappin’!

My vast background touching on medical, manufacturing, business platform development and corporate allows me to relate at a linear level speaking your language.

If you want to get crystal clear on your offer, your positioning, your program, have an action plan and a strategy to implement or just get clear on your sales pitch, I can help you.  I’m not going to just give you the end outcome, I’m going to give you that juicy piece in the middle – the part that puts it all together and allows you to implement and push forward your amazingness to your tribe and see some ROI!  

are you in?

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Peter Drucker!

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