Erin Interviews Brittany Parsons

Expanding your light in 2020!

We ALL wish we had a 93% on the confidence scale and a negative 500# on the other scale releasing physical and emotional weight – right?!?  What if you had a way to “let go and trust the Universe”… to just surrender? What if you could leave the baggage behind and just BE PRESENT? What if you could identify and love your flaws – all of them and use them to your benefit? Would that be a game changer for you?????

Join me as I chat with this amazing lady and unpack this topic!

Take a listen!


5:20    Sniff out the fear
6:00    Release and let go
7:00    Goal behind the goal
9:20    Tub of Sludge
12:00   Resentment and Expectations
17:50   Be in your purpose
18:30    What is your soul asking you to do?
19:30    NO wrinkled baggage!
29:14    Permission to step into your soul project

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