Erin Interviews Priscilla Green

Focus IN your business & maintain personal connections.

Connection — It’s what we ALL want personally and especially professionally.  Focusing on your business instead of IN your business most times leave those connections far down on the “TO-DO” list. 

So with making sure your business has proper systems and processes in order, plugging holes where there are “leaks”, making sure your clients know they are valued and fostering the relationships allows you the FREEDOM to FOCUS IN your business. 

Join me as we chat with the owner and founder of Freedom to Focus Business Support for 6 & 7 figure female business owners on what it looks like to implement high-touch services allowing you time to focus on what matters most in your business!
Take a Listen:
7:30      What is an OBM
9:40      Communication is key factor in maintaining relationships in business
12:07    High touch points
14:22    Things that fall through the cracks
15:03     Fostering Relationships
15:30     Systems and Processes – why they are important and imperative
16:50     Solid SOP!!!
17:42     Set Schedule
22:17     Client Management
24:23     Recovering Yes Person!
26:00     Triple Win
27:00     Freedom to Focus
28:12     Nobody wants to be frustrated – there’s an easier way

Find Priscilla:

Find Priscilla:


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