Erin Interviews Jennifer Wisdom, PHD

Leadership  – ESPECIALLY NOW – is tough at best with the constant navigation of daily changing regulations and added levels of stress.  So How do you BE the best leader you can possibly be when things are constantly changing and your workforce is more likely millennials and younger than ever?   Whether you employ Millennials or are a Millennial working for someone these massive tips can help you succeed in creating an amazing environment to create, contribute and to grow making it a triple win for you and your company!

Take a listen!
11:00 Leadership now = Acknowledgement

12:25 What do you offer

14:55 Powerful Feedback
16:40 Receiving and Giving Feedback
18:17 This will help us!
21:00 Happy and Successful
24:00 Expectations and Raises
26:41 Turn Over
28:33 Difficult Conversations
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