Erin Interviews Sabrina Runbeck

Restore Wellness and Reboot Efficiency

Have you ever wondered how some people have “cracked the code” on working smarter and not harder?  How some people have it figured all out fitting in their workouts, go to brunch with family or happy hour friends, while the rest of the professionals are grinding day by day, barely getting enough sleep, and regretting their years of hard work to make it there.

Stick around as this Surgical PA shares how she cracked the 80+ hr work week to create a rich balanced life and how you can too – You’ll want these tips I guarantee it!!!  

Take a listen!

5:11   Unhealthy Reality
6:07   It’s OK to say No
9:20   How do you want to show up?
10:22  Say YES to Stamina
12:29  Small Steps
13:00  3 Smart Steps
19:47  Take time to reflect
26:00  Plan daily REBOOTS
28:40  Don’t rely on will power!

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