Erin Interviews Jacquelyn Rodriguez

Say YES to YOU in 2020!

Having a successful business, Co-Creating the life you want and not doing it alone are all things every business owner wants EVEN IF you’re a “lone wolf” and an “I got it” kind of girl.

What if you could feel like you could trust that you had all the answers and that you had them all right now? Or love yourself completely AND connect with the right clients that are waiting for you?

Would that serve you right now in where you’re at in your business?

Take a listen!
7:14    Rewrite your story
9:29    How Miserable are you?
9:54    Step into your higher self and love what you do!
13:00  Lowest Point…. 
13:45  Have you fully committed?
15:00  Is everything done to you…  or for you?
16:20  Mindset = Change Your Focus!
21:00  Logic…
24:20  It’s never Failure 0nly learn and move on!
27:00  Boundaries and Overcommitting

Favorite Quote:  “It’s never Failure 0nly learn and move on!”
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