Erin Interviews Kamini Wood

Self-Bullying….  we all do it more than we want to admit … and there’s all kinds of “self-help” books to tell us we do, but  to truly step into  being a confident, resilient self-leader with healthier relationships… woah – wouldn’t that be where the magic happens for everyone?  
If we could get rid of the false identities, truly discover  the keys to  self compassion and step into the importance of emotions the opportunities are endless for what we can do professionally and personally.  Join me as I chat with this Emotional Grit & Resilience Catalyst  and allow her to change your world!

5:23     False Identity since childhood
8:01     Self work started the shift
10:23    Awareness is the doorway to change
11:15    What’s our part in all this?
12:35   You have to be willing to do the work!
13:44   Committed to Change
16:49   It’s not selfish to acknowledge yourself
22:00   3 Pillars of Self Leadership
24:00   Bravery in Vulnerability
25:03  Mindful tip to turn off monkey brain
29:12  It’s not about perfection it’s about evolution

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