Erin Interviews Candy Wright

Are you cursing right now the fact that your grocery bill has tripled?  Or has it really not changed and you’re just realizing it now more than ever?  If you’re like me… things aren’t as “tight” or heck even located in the same place as they were in my 20’s, 30’s or heck even my 40’s.  And like most middle aged women, we’d ALL love to lose up to 50 lbs and fall in love with our aging bodies again.  And wouldn’t we love to be able to use all that energy we once consumed – the harsh voices about our weight and bodies… to live the life they really want to be living once and for all?!  Today’s guest expert will be giving us her TOP #3 secrets to losing weight for good so stick around

Take a listen!
5:46     Let people in
8:11     Addicted and didn’t know it
9:44        Emotional Eating = eating when you aren’t hungry
12:10     Auto pilot vs choices
13:30     Not categorized as bad or wrong
14:40     Emotional or Conditioned
15:35     Insulin is the key!

     Become a Lover of your body!
18:30     The Secrets
24:00       Overeating in challenging times challenge

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