Erin Interviews Danielle Ralston

Why Planning and Mindset go Hand in Hand

As CEO’s and recovering corporates, female business owners admit most days we live in a space of “crazy” and “hot mess” attempting to balance and find harmony all – while doing all the things every rockstar mom, sister, daughter, wife, friend, chief fun planner and business owner manages daily.  The importance of a solid plan as well as mindset is indispensable … although admittedly not always accomplished.
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4:29   Plan your plan
5:15   6 Steps to Planning
6:35   Mindset is a habit
9:46   Brain dump + Mindset = Daily Practice
10:45 Be the Diva OF (not in) your business
15:43 DIY = Hack and Hope
16:40 Most businesses fail within the first 3 years because of lack of strategy
23:00 Planning is a system

Favorite Quote: “I’m only successful when I don’t control it all”
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