Erin Interviews Joyce Blue

Women and Money – The Way we Think and Relate

MONEY!!!  We ALL want to Make MORE…  Keep MORE… and SAVE More. So why is it such an issue for women and why is it different from men?  Money is necessary to sustain us, we want it and we need it to run our businesses. And as women that’s sometimes more difficult than we want to admit…  but why is that? What holds us back from allowing ourselves to make, accept(or charge what we are worth), have money … and love it?? We will deconstruct and shift those thought patterns with our guest today!

Take a listen!

6:22    Pinto Station Wagon
7:00    Neuro Science Connection
8:33    Men -vs- Women and Money
10:20  Money is a tool
11:48  Limiting Beliefs – formed before 7 yrs old
14:00  Step 1 – Be Aware
Step 2 – Be Accepting
15:30  Guide to Becoming Aware
20:20  Learn how to receive
22:17  Currency – Energy – Money
23:00  Why you should use cash
27:00  Why 90 Days is important

Favorite Quote:  “People spend 50% more using plastic verses cash.”

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